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  • Publicado : 30 de outubro de 2011
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Final Burn Evolution
About Final Burn Evolution:
FB Evo is a 68000 and Z80 emulator based on FB Alpha and Final Burn, compiled by JiMMy_PaGe. For the moment FB Evo source code is still private, butit will be released when I think that the project is done, or when I get my source fully organized for being released (I prefer to work by myself). Feel free to use FB Evo, and have fun !

FB Evoemulates the following systems:
· Neo-Geo (SNK®)
· Capcom Play System 1 & 2 (Capcom®)
· Toaplan (Taito®)
· Psikyo (Psikyo®)
· Cave (Cave®)
· FB Evo Rules and Advices (I will not beresponsible if you break it):
· You may not use FB Evo for any monetary purposes.
· You may not sell any ROMs with FB Evo without the legal rights of it.
· You may not hack or modify any byte on FB Evowithout my authorization
· When FB Evo becomes open-source, you will have to release the source code with the modifications you made
· Thanks to:
· iq_132 for a lot of codes on this version, forthe help, and for being a great friend
· Ferchogtx for some codes on this version, for the help, and for our nice chats about emulation stuff
· DilmarX for suggesting the title of this FBA build, for giving me some help when i was starting with the project, and for being my great friend
· fabiofilho for the Portuguese-BR translationfile used on this version, for beta-testing FB Evo, and for being my friend
· Blaze for being the web-designer of FB Evo Home Page and for helping me on SNK-Neofighters
· Zechs-Marquise for being one of my beta-testers, and for helping me with the emu support on the foruns
· SNK-NeoFighters staff forgiving me the support I need, and for being my friends
· Rebirth for the beautiful skin used on version 3.02
· Scariott for the beautiful skin used on version 3.00
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