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1-The ___lasso_____ tool is best selected when you need to select an abnormally shaped image in a layer.
2-The tool allows you to cut text out of a scenic background for use in yourdesign. 
3-By changing the % of , you can blend multiple layers with one another.
4-To resize a graphic in a layer, select the _move_ tool, then check mark_ rise_ to see selection handles.
5-Theaverage image size of 640 x 480 is measured in picas. R: FALSE
6-When selecting an area of pixels to delete, which of the following tools could be used? Choose all that apply. You must select allcorrect possibilities. R:TYPE/TEXT
7-Once you build the layers in your graphic design, you cannot rearrange them. R:FALSE
8-If you have a solid color to select and delete, the tool is the quickest andmost effective. 
9-To delete a layer from your image, turn off the "eye" icon showing the layer. R:TRUE
10-A design in Adobe Photoshop consists of multiple of graphics and text. 
11-The name of thearea upon which the graphic design is completed is the . 
12-To undo the last change made to your graphic design, the keys may be used.
13-Twirl, ripple and spherize are examples of distortion_FILTERS_ you may use to change the look of your graphic.
14-When using the SAVE AS: feature, the _.PSD_ file type saves my graphic design with all layers visible for changes upon opening the next time.Choose all that apply. You must select all correct possibilities.
15-The _CROP_ tool allows you to select a rectangular or circular area of an layer to change or delete
16-To fill in a layer as abackground, which of the following tools would be useful? Choose all that apply. You must select all correct possibilities. R:GRADIENT
17- Pixels represent tiny SQUARES_ of color, which are typicallyunseen by the naked eye.
18-To select a new color in the foreground or background squares, use the tool. 
19-To fill a background layer with clouds, pull down the filter menu and go to render. R:TRUE...