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The U.S. April Magolon, who lives in Pennsylvania (USA), filed a lawsuit against Disneyworld, in which she asked damages of $ 200,000, because he had been molested by"Donald Duck", according to areport of the issuer "WFTV.”
In the lawsuit, the woman said the incident happened in May 2008 when she was visitingwith the family theme park, Epcot, Disney. However, at the time, has not registered anycomplaint, according to police in Orange County, Florida.

April claims that it suffered a number injuries, both physical and emotional, as a result of the incident. She noted that the employee whowore the costume of Donald Duck would have grabbed her breasts in front of her children when she tried to get an autograph of the character.

Thenight watchman Simon Jayne earned hero status in Blackburn, England, to save a factory assault using a staple gun.
The security guard made his rounds in the morning when he saw a stranger in the buildingand had the idea of using the first tool found. Jayne drew his pistol and shot 12clips in the single output port site.

Iulian Mihociu, the assailant then stuck in the plant tissue and only cameout when police arrived and took him to the police station.

"I always carry my stapler gun for small repairs, but never believed he would be that useful," said the security to the site "Mail online."


Residents of the town of Lajamanu in the Northern Territory, Australia, were surprised last week with a flurry of live fish.
At around 18:30 on Friday (26), the 650residents in the desert region of Lajamanu werebombarded by a hail of hundreds of fish in their backyards, many still alive.

Desperate, the Australians thought it was the end of the world. "I thought hewas going crazy, that the world was ending," said Christine Balmer to the site ""

Although impressed, residents still took some animals to prove what happened. Thepolice reported that...
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