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  • Publicado : 7 de abril de 2012
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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Omegle couldn't find anyone who shares interests with you, so this stranger is completely random. Try adding more interests!
Stranger: hi babe
You: hi
Stranger: how ru?
You: f/m?
Stranger: Girl :)
You: fine and you?
Stranger: fine fine ! And you M/F ?
You: F
You: age?
Stranger: 17 and u?
You: 16
Stranger: Do you know one direction ?You: diretion of what?
Stranger: THE BOY BAND !!!
Stranger: Omgggg ! You don't know ONE DIRECTION ???
You: give one example..
Stranger: Whatch on Youtube "Botta be you" or "What make you beautiful" !!!
You: ok..
You: i will watch
Stranger: It's so great music!!
Stranger: ONLY !
Stranger: Where do you live?
You: Brazil
You: and you?
You: brazil*
Stranger: France!
You: i love FranceStranger: Really ?
Stranger: I love brazil !! :p
You: my friend will travel fto FRance
You: to*
Stranger: waaaaw! And your friend come in Paris ?
You: yes
You: =)
You: and later , she will go in Grecia
Stranger: Haaaaw! She is so lucky :p Paris is so beautiful !!
You: i think
You: i agree
Stranger: Grecia ? I never go in this country.
You: why no?
Stranger: Because it's so expansiveto go to !
You: it's true
You: but she is rich
Stranger: Aaaah! I understand !! :p
You: haha ... but she is not tucked
You: boo boo*
Stranger: really ?
You: yes..
You: she iis very cool
You: she will bring one little present for me
You: =
You: =)
Stranger: Hoooo! She is amaziggg!
Stranger: amazing. My father got friend who married with Bresilian :)
Stranger: girl
You: really?Stranger: Really !
You: it's very cool!!
You: is your mother is brasilian??
Stranger: Yeah and my father would to go to Brazil !! :)
Stranger: No, my parents are french :)
You: hmmm... what your name?
Stranger: Lea :) and you
You: Julia
Stranger: It's very nice surname!
Stranger: Really !
You: aaa.... her brother talk france
You: a little, but talk..
Stranger: Really ? French language isvery difficult!
You: i know
You: portuguese too ...
You: is full of boring rules
Stranger: Yeah i know! And spanish too! I learn spanish in school and i'm very very very bad in this language ! i don't know why but i'm bad.
You: kkk ... in my school , i learn english and spanish
Stranger: I learn english too and i love this language !!
You: but I'm not very good
You: me too
You: i loveFrance and USa
Stranger: Really ?
You: in history i'm studing about imperialism
Stranger: I love usa too and my aunt live in USA since she was 16 ! :p
You: and your country is cited
Stranger: In history i'm studing the first war !
Stranger: mondial *
Stranger: Really ?
You: aaa ... The first war was a result of imperialism
You: yes
Stranger: Yes, i know that. And after i think i study Nazism!
Stranger: I know because my country was a big colloquinialist country
You: i know ... colonized much of Africa and Asia
You: England too
Stranger: Yes.. :/ This is us past. :/
You: i know ... but is history, do what?
You: haha =)
Stranger: hahaha. Yeah. :p I don't study your country for this moment in history, but in geography yes. And your country is so big!
You: haha i know, i studiedmy country in last month
Stranger: Really ? :p
You: I wanted my country to be developed
You: yes
Stranger: Yes, i wanted too for you !!
You: haha My country has many flaws to fix
You: but have to fix quickly, because the World Cup is coming
Stranger: hahahah! For football?
You: yes
Stranger: haaaa! It's okaaaay!
Stranger: Franche's equip is too bad! LOL
You: haha no is no ... The Brazilis very fanatic with football
You: and the people forget about the serious problems
Stranger: Yeah i know that !! Brazil won against France! !
You: talk me about your culture
Stranger: Mmmh. In france we loooooove eat!!
You: haha me too
Stranger: We've much of restaurant !! And much of gastronomic eating!
You: hmm interesting! haha
You: wow today is very hot! omg
Stranger: I live in...