Aula atividade 07 e 08

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Aula Atividade 07:

1) Write “A” or “AN” in the correct places.

a) He’s a carpeter.
b) She’s a travel agent.
c) He has a difficult Job. He’s a cashier
d) She’sbinds houses. She has an interesting job.
e) She’s an architec

2) Answer thes question:

What time does your best friend?
a) .... get up during the week?My best friends get up.

b).... get up weekends?
My best friends get up at 10:00 am.

c).... have breakfast?
My best friendshave breakfast at 09:00 am.

d).... Leave for work or Scholl?

e)... get have from work or school?

f) ... have dinner?
My best frienddinner at 8:00 pm.

g)... go to bed during the weekend?
My friends go to bed during the weekend at 11:00 pm.

3) Put the words in order:

a)What does he do?
b) Where does he work?
c) What time she study?
d) Where do you go to school?
e) What time you work?
f) What time they go to home?Aula Atividade 08:
I. Circule the correct Word:
1. I really like those (Catton/ gold/ leather) socks.
2. Your (plastic/silk/ silver)Tie is a beautiful design.
3. This (gold/ plastic/wool) Necklace is perfect for me. But it’s $3, 000!

II. Complete the sentences with this, that, these or those.
1.How much is that watch?
I can’t find a price tag.
2. Look at those purple jeans over there!Aren’t they stylish?
3. I like these gold earrings. They look great on me!
4. Excuse- me. I like with this cap. Can I see it please!
5. How much are that jackets here?