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Troubleshooting and Conversion Hints
General failure to convert
- the converter cannot write to the default or the specified output folder. Click Output Files and select awritable folder.
- the file is DRM protected. DRM protected files cannot be converted to other formats.
Windows Media file fails to convert - Convert the file to WMV first. Then right click the filename, select Use converted file as input and convert the new WMV file. You can also use the Reprocess option to make the file seekable.
Windows Media converted file is not seekable - use the Make FileSeekable option in WM Recorder or the Reprocess option in WM Converter.
QuickTime file fails to convert - use 2 pass conversion for mov, mp4, m4v file types.
Real Player video file fails toconvert - not all Real video formats are supported.
Files cannot be merged - files containing both video and audio cannot be merged with video only or audio only files.
ERROR when selecting defaultsettings - select 25 fps (frame rate) for conversion or convert to WMV first then use the converted file as input (shown above).

Conversion Hints
Default settings - when this option is selected theconverter automatically selects the optimum video/audio parameters in order to produce the best possible quality converted file. The default settings can be changed using the Custom option.
2 passconversion - this option forces a 2 pass conversion. Otherwise the converter will automatically determine if one or two passes are necessary.
Video Speed - this option can be used to produce slowmotion (or fast motion) effects by selecting a video frame rate lower or higher than the original. It can also be used to synchronize video and audio. Note that this setting does not change the speed ofthe audio track.
Sound Volume - this option can be used to increase or decrease the sound volume of the converted file in relation to the original. 0 or 100% settings do not change volume. Other...