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EVALUATOR GUIDELINES: Cloverleaf Innovation-Retail 2
ACCOUNT MANAGER CONTACT INFO: Jennifer Eyler Account Manager jeyler@bareinternational.com 301-620-9771 (US home office) Bare-us-jeyler (skype)OBJECTIVE: Our client is interested in receiving information and photos of Professional/Commercial Grade Cleaning Chemicals/Product Displays (solvents, degreasers, floor strippers, floor wax,disinfectants, etc.) in Home Improvement/Hardware stores. These displays can be in the any areas including end caps, check out, power tool area, household cleaner area. (Note: Professional/Commercial gradenormally come in larger containers (5 gallon) and larger packages, i.e., multi-count vs sold as singles) You MUST be able to read English to understand and complete this shop. You MUST be able to takephotos via a digital camera, download the photos and email them. Email photos to: jeyler@bareinternational.com SPECIFICATIONS: • You may visit the hardware/home improvement store assigned any day/timeduring their hours of operation.

Capture a minimum of TEN in-store digital photos of Professional Grade Cleaning Chemicals/Product Displays (includes cleaners, disinfectants, floorstrippers/cleaners, window cleaners, etc.) in the store you are assigned. (Note: Professional grade normally come in larger containers (5 gallon) and larger packages, i.e., multi-count vs sold as singles) Walkthe store. Photos must capture Professional/Commercial Grade Cleaners displayed in any areas of the store (end caps, check out, household cleaner aisle, power tool aisle, etc). Take a photo of the frontof the store/building and include with your submitted photos. Look for related products such as Professional/Commercial grade cleaning tools/products (Mops, brooms, rags, buckets) marketed toprofessionals carried at the store. If observed, take photo. Photos of incorrect items/displays will make your report unuseable and we will not be able to pay you for your shop. If unsure, contact the...
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