Anorexic fashion ad sparks debate

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  • Publicado : 12 de julho de 2011
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Correction of the Summary of the “Anorexic fashion ad sparks debate” article and my personal oppinion

This article is about an issue that has been in the limelight for quitesome time. It has long been debated that images of overly-skinny models have a detremental effect on young girls, leading to poor self-image and eating disorders such as anorexiaand bulimia. The main emphasis of the article falls upon the decision of a clothing brand to expose the problem as part of their ad campaign during Milan fashion week. Thecompany, Nolita, has billboards all over the country exposing a naked model suffering from anorexia.
The ad itself has caused controversy and outrage throughout, however, it hasalso been the target of praise. Renouned Benetton photographer Oliviero Toscani has said that he has been looking into the problem of anorexia for years, and that it is of extremeimportance to understand who and what causes it. Livia Turco, the Italian Health Minister has also backed the campaign, refering to its social importance.
On the other hand, thecampaign has been critisized for being too explicit. As the head of the Italian Association for the study of Anorexia, Fabiola de Clercq said, the image could cause young girlsto try to copy and emulate the young French anorexic model, and resort to extreme thinness. Overall it has become obvious that the problem has been given more and moreimportance, as the article also reminds us of the protocol adopted just last year at the Madrid fashion week, where excessively skinny models were banned from the runway shows. Milan hasalso followed in these footsteps, making the combination of less skinny models on the runways, along with anorexia awareness advertising, a strong force against the disease.
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