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Diogo Santos

In my work i’ll talk about the Amish because i think they’re a very interesting culture. With this presentation I hope I can learn more about them because they aren’tknown all around the world.


 

The Amish are americans but they don’t look like it. They are discreet , simple, humble and modest. They don’t accept any type oftechnology. For living they work in agriculture and with cattle so they’re related with the rural life. All of their work is made by hand. They move using carts or by foot. It looks like they’re from anotherworld, refuse all the luxury of the outside world like the automobile, the tractors, eletricity, the phone, sewerage and running water.

Who are the Amish?

The Amish are a culture with 250 000people. They are mostly found in the:  United States – Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana;  Canada.  They are spread around the world too but it’s more common to find them in North America.

Whereare the Amish ?

The Amish’s cloth it’s very simple.  The men usually dress dark blue pants and light blue or green shirts and a hat.  The women use a black dress and a white blouse, a whiteapron and a cap with the same colour.  They don’t use buttons, instead they use tapes.

How do they dress?

They don’t accept the technological progress because their God said “Go, sell all youhave, give money to the poor and you’ll have a treasure in heaven; after, come and follow me.”  Everything about the technology means a connection to the outside world and it violates the principle ofthe Amish.

Why they don’t accept the technologic progress ?

It’s like they live in 1700, they get up at 5 a.m. to take care of the cattle, have breakfast, they work in the field from “sunto sun”.  The children don’t go to school (to do that they’d need to use a bus), instead they help in the field.

Their day-to-day

The Amish have something called the Ordnung. It’s a list...