Al capone

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The most notorious gangster in the history of the nation, Alphonse Capone, better known to most as Al Capone or Scarface, ran Chicago with blood and guns.
Capone was born in Brooklyn in 1899.Heparents were from Italy. From the beginning, he had never responded well to authority for example while in his sixth grade he beat a female teacher and left the school after the principal verballychastised him for the incident. Facing a life of low paying jobs, he had joined the street gang led by Johny Torrio and Lucky Luciano.
Late in December 1918, Capone killed a man in an argument. Rather thanface the charges, he called his old friend Torrio, who was now in Chicago so Capone moved to Chicago after the invitation of Torrio.
He carried his rough style of dealing with people toChicago.However, Torrio did not bring Capone to Chicago to beat up drunkards. As Torrio's right hand man, he received the job killing off "Big Jim" Colosimo, who ran Chicago's underground. After the passage ofprohibition in 1920, Torrio was constantly harrasing the boss to establish underground drinking establishments. Tired of hearing "NO" from Colosimo, Torrio had killed him by Capone ,So Torrio becameboss of Chicago, and Capone became the manager of alcohol for the city.
Al Capone became head of the Chicago mafia after Torrio was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt and stepped down fromthe head spot in 1925. When his mob with at its prime, Capone had city aldermen, mayors, legislators, governors, congressmen, and over half the Chicago police force on his payroll.
In 1929 he made hisbiggest blunder by ordering the shooting of Bugs Moran, part of another Chicago underground faction, on February 14. In what is known as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Capone's men killed a groupseven people, but Moran was not in the group. The even, however, changed the public mind about pursuing organized crime.
By now, the IRS had been gathering tax evasion information on Capone for some...
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