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Extra Credit assignment
Abortion is the interruption of pregnancy, spontaneous or provoked. Always involves the death of the embryo that begins with the fertilization and goes until theeighth week. The involuntary abortion is always caused by chromosomal anomalies, health problems of mother or environmental reasons. Abortion deliberate induces the death of the new being for necessity orbecause pregnancy is undesirable. With regard to spontaneous abortion or therapeutic, there is no problems with religious, ethical or legal controversy but the issue arises when abortion is artificialand the gestation is interrupted for other reasons that’s why is very complex and therefore an important demand of the feminist movement is to end the criminal punishment to those who practiceabortion. But the issue is complex. Abortion foes contend that ends a life and that therefore abortion is a form of killing. Hence there is a whole discussion on the question of when life begins, or atleast the life you deserve to be called human and protected by society and the State. Coming from a country like Brazil's dictatorship, in which the public debate on any subject was barred, I was not infavor of abortion. I thought, as I still think that most abortions stems from a poor sex education. Easy access to birth pills, young people would have good knowledge of how to avoid pregnancy andabortion would become almost unnecessary. Unintended pregnancy decay in number and abortion is just exceptional.
The laws in the state of Texas from what I understand are not very restricted.Texas law in October 2011 created a new law that before making abortion the mother must attend a clinic to make ultrasound at least 24 hours before an abortion and make two visits to the clinic before theabortion. I think this is not a solution to prevent abortion. Seems like the main purpose of this is to have the mother to see the baby inside of her belly expecting that the mother would change...