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Abortion is the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus, resulting in or caused by its death.
The debate over abortion is related to controversies that consist of moral and legalaspects of abortion. There are two main groups involved in this debate: the pro-choice movements which are in favour of legal practice of abortion and they consider it morally acceptable, and thepro-life movements which oppose the abortion practice (legal or illegal) and consider it morally unacceptable.
The Catholic Church has played a major role in this controversy, especially in the westernhemisphere. Throughout history Church never had a unanimous position on abortion and this difference of opinion resides on the question as when the fetus is considered human being
This question isstill been debated since neither science nor church has the correct answer. For genetics, the fetus is human from the segmentation, for genecology from the implantation, for neurophysiology only whenbrain is formed and for the psycho-sociology when there is personal relationship. Therefore science also does not have a unanimous position about the issue.
Although I oppose abortion I admit thatcertain cases, such pregnancy interruption due to rape or when live threatening conditions exist, should be allowed upon person’s decision.
As Christian I believe that since fertilization, there is livewith human destiny and as such we should respect his/her dignity. However I do not agree with moral extremists who ignore women’s drama, who choose abortion for reason that are not just selfishness orsocial convenience, such as rape and others.
If the moralists were indeed against abortion they would fight to prevent it and make possible that every child is born in safe social conditions. Ofcourse it is more comfortable to demand criminalization of the abortion that to help prevent it and create better conditions for new born. What about penalty for social unfairness that kills thousands...
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