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September 11

Introduction page 3

But what is and was the September 11?
What happened on that day? Page 4

What lead USA to retread? Page 6

The damages Page 7

Al-Qaeda and Islamic view Page 7

Bibliography Page 8

Nine years ago, something happened. Something had shocked the World. For the first time since 1812,the United States were being threatened by an horrible event. Al-Qaeda had attacked the country with terrorist acts.
To reply to this event, America desired revenge with wrong decisions. The country acted like Nazis, fascists and Salazar.
Ahead you’ll see some of this decisions, and manly a social point of view of this problem.

Everything leaves us to believe that theterrorist attacks that had marked the “September 11” are related with the conflict of Middle East and with the “religious war” against the United States and the occidental world. But what is and was the September 11? What happened on that day?

On September 11 morning, four planes were hijacking. Two of them had collided with the World Trade Center. The third plane –American Airlines Flight 77-crashed with the Pentagon, in Arlington. The wrecks of the fourth plane –United Airlines Flight 93- had been found near to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, this was thought to be either the Capitol.
You can see some information about the flights bellow:

| |Flight 11 of American |Flight 175 United |Flight 77 American |Flight 93 United |Average |
||Airlines. |Airlines. |Airlines. |Airlines. | |
| |Sailed from Boston. |Sailed from Boston. |Departed from Dulles. |Departed from Newark. | |
| |Collided with the |Collided with the |Crashed into the |Would probably be for | |
||north side of the |south side of the WTC |Pentagon. |the Capitol. | |
| |North Tower of the |South Tower. | | | |
| |World Trade Center. | | | | |
|Passengers |81|56 |58 |38 |58,25 |
|Uncredited Trip |9 |7 |4 |5 |6,25 |
|Riders |2 |2 |2 |2 |2 |

The number of passengers was lowbecause was Tuesday and at Tuesdays the American flights only carry few passengers.
The human loses were high. 3234 people died.

The FBI and the Justice Department of USA had identify the 19 hijackers [1]deceased. Those hadn’t been careful to hide they identity.

Figure 1 Flag of Al-Qaeda
The September 11’s operation was considered one of biggest operations of story, with moreof 7000 agents involved. The results of this operation had confirmed that Osama bin Laden an Al-Qaeda were responsible for the terrorist attacks that occurred at September 11, 2001.
The Afghanistan governs asked for evidences of these charges. If the evidences had been shown to Afghanistan, Afghanistan had arrested bin Laden to American authority. Unfortunately the evidences never had beenshown.

However, the American attitude wasn’t great, for American governs, mainly for president Bush, the attacks were considered “war declaration”. One month after the attacks, America start bombing against Afghanistan military target, with next objectives:
● To destroy the military equipment of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda
● To knock down Taliban organization...