Submarino´s main business strategy

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: Identify Submarino´s main business strategy or strategies and explain
with concrete examples from the text.

Submarino’s strategy aims to lead the market with fast and strong penetration, we seethat in the company mission: “to be the preferred online store”; to reach that the company chooses to offer lots of products in different countries in Ibero-America to take advantage of the newbornmarket as written in the text “No one was out there, and the sooner we got there, the better return we would get on our investment”. The decision to offer lots of products was based to rapidly promotethe company into the market and to fulfill the lack of offer of some products in Latin-America, whereas, the decision to launch the company in other countries were made to take advantage of the lowcost to expand an ecommerce, noticed in the text in “we believed it would be less costly to enter foreign markets” and because “market demand was strong outside of Brazil”.

Highlight and commentwith examples* (from the text) at least 3 management characteristics you identify, either implemented by Antonio Bonchristiano and his team, or the way Submarino as an organization ran its businessTeam

The Submarino company used from important management characteristics as the evolve of the organization structure of the company along with the company’s growth, by hiring “people who wereentrepreneurial, bright, and who fit with the company and Culture” and “experienced senior management who attracted “smart, hard working, aggressive, ‘Type-A’ people who could learn quickly.”, it madepossible to exchange information between countries for this new market segment, to reduce the decentralization of company operations and “provided people with resources and incentives to aggressivelydrive the business forward”. Another management characteristic was the development of “a program of seller partners” that “increase revenues and inexpensively acquire customers”, once several...
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