O movimento da terra translação e rotação

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Alberto Olmos –


(Mondadori, Oct. 2011, 288

Santiago, a young loner who lives in a run-downneighbourhood in a big city gets up every day
at 9 to take the underground to the office where he works for an advertising company.
Occasional casual encounters and his incursions into the more erotic and intimate recesses of
the internet scarcely change his daily routine. But everything changes after he utters the words
“solidarity has failed” to a certain person in a certain place, triggering a seriesof events that
will alter the course of his life. He receives an envelope containing an email password sent to
him by a not-very-close friend who died in mysterious circumstances…
A strong, vibrant plot and a protagonist with all the features that define the great characters of
universal literature. Alberto Olmos presents us with a novel that raises a number of burning
issues andcontroversial and sometimes uncomfortable questions. Social responsibility may be
all the rage, but is it really anything more than the best advertising slogan of all time? Is
privacy the last bastion of honesty? A novel that keeps the reader on edge to the very last
page, one in which the author’s talent and mastery once again leaves us in awe.
A reflection on the vacuity of political discourse.
"Anextraordinarily talented author, one who reinvents himself in each novel. I repeat, huge
ambition and furious talent. A writer bound to go far ." (Nuria Azancot)
Segovia-born Alberto Olmos (1975) is one of six Spaniards on the Granta list of Best Young Spanish Language Novelists. He has written six novels. At age twenty-three he published his first novel, A bordo
del naufragio (1998), which was afinalist for the Herralde Prize. His more recent novels are Así de loco
te puedes volver (1999), Trenes hacia Tokio (Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid Prize, 2006), El
talento de los demás (2007), Tatami (2008) and El estatus (Ojo Crítico RNE de Narrativa Prize, 2009)
have been published by Lengua de Trapo. He is also the editor of the volume Algunas ideas buenísima
que el mundo se va aperder (2009), compiled from internet-based texts. Olmos taught Spanish and
English in Japan for three years. Currently he can be found in Madrid as well as on the interwebs.


Antoni Casas Ros – CHRONIQUES


OF THE LAST REVOLUTION) (Gallimard, Sept. 2011, 306 pp.)
His most recent and ambitious novel, Chronicles of the lastrevolution is a great literary device
encompassing a heterogeneous plot in which horror and beauty merge and wher e the
characters are endowed with typically non-human traits. Antoni Casas Ros erases the border
between reality, fiction and self-reference to offer us this surprising story.
In a not too distant future a group of young people commit suicide by jumping from high
buildings. They are“Flying Freedom”, a group of anarchist militants led by the mysterious "Y".
It all begins with the history of Lupa, a chronicler who must tell her story on the evening of
Freedom Flying. The chroniclers are underground reporters who risk their lives to help the
revolution end the corruption and perversity of the dominant system. Their testimonies and
the stories of those who gravitate around themintermingle, showing us a world that is about
to crumble. Strange events take place and a devastating phenomenon seems to materialize.
The story is told through the voices of different narrators, ending up as a hallucinatory tale in
which drugs and sex go beyond convention and beyond us into a dark underworld ruled by
rules beyond our logic, where "the last revolution” will take place....
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