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What changes have there been in the roles of the man and women in my country in the last one hundred years?
By thetwentieth century, when a change occurred in obstetrics and birth control, women spent much of their lives pregnant. The woman was seen only as a tool that was as uniqueutilities: give birth, raise and educate. The Greek philosopher Plato considered the nature of women less than men, "capacity for virtue," the woman was then seen byhim as a being without reasoning, comparing it to the slaves. They had no power of choice / decision at all in their lives, not even husband they could choose, only himhad the power to chosen his wife. Her duties were to worship her husband, educate and raise children, keep house and remain submissive to her husband. Also inrelation to work, the woman is often faced with great limitations, access to certain professions was denied, and the woman had no right of access to certain places that wereconsidered to be occupied by men. The judiciary, diplomacy and politics are just some examples of professional sectors that the woman could not access…
In the presentday we cannot say that no longer exists inequality between men and women, or that there is still no representations about the traditional role of women, because westill live in a process of change in terms of mentality and the way society itself represents the women in the family in society, politics or any other domain. However,currently women constitute an important part of the manpower in the labor market and, conversely to what happened in the past, are now a few women who stay home.
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