A princess of mars

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A Princess of Mars
Burroughs, Edgar Rice

Published: 1912
Categorie(s): Fiction, Science Fiction
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About Burroughs:
Edgar Rice Burroughs (September 1, 1875 – March 19, 1950) was an
American author, best known for his creation of the jungle hero Tarzan,
although he also produced works in many genres. Source: Wikipedia
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To the Reader of this Work:
In submitting Captain Carter's strange manuscript to you in book
form, I believe that a few words relative to this remarkable personality
will be of interest.
My firstrecollection of Captain Carter is of the few months he spent at
my father's home in Virginia, just prior to the opening of the civil war. I
was then a child of but five years, yet I well remember the tall, dark,
smooth-faced, athletic man whom I called Uncle Jack.
He seemed always to be laughing; and he entered into the sports of the
children with the same hearty good fellowship he displayedtoward
those pastimes in which the men and women of his own age indulged; or
he would sit for an hour at a time entertaining my old grandmother with
stories of his strange, wild life in all parts of the world. We all loved him,
and our slaves fairly worshipped the ground he trod.
He was a splendid specimen of manhood, standing a good two inches
over six feet, broad of shoulder and narrow of hip,with the carriage of
the trained fighting man. His features were regular and clear cut, his hair
black and closely cropped, while his eyes were of a steel gray, reflecting
a strong and loyal character, filled with fire and initiative. His manners
were perfect, and his courtliness was that of a typical southern gentleman of the highest type.
His horsemanship, especially after hounds, was amarvel and delight
even in that country of magnificent horsemen. I have often heard my
father caution him against his wild recklessness, but he would only
laugh, and say that the tumble that killed him would be from the back of
a horse yet unfoaled.
When the war broke out he left us, nor did I see him again for some fifteen or sixteen years. When he returned it was without warning, and I
wasmuch surprised to note that he had not aged apparently a moment,
nor had he changed in any other outward way. He was, when others
were with him, the same genial, happy fellow we had known of old, but
when he thought himself alone I have seen him sit for hours gazing off
into space, his face set in a look of wistful longing and hopeless misery;
and at night he would sit thus looking up into theheavens, at what I did
not know until I read his manuscript years afterward.
He told us that he had been prospecting and mining in Arizona part of
the time since the war; and that he had been very successful was evidenced by the unlimited amount of money with which he was supplied.


As to the details of his life during these years he was very reticent, in fact
he would not talk ofthem at all.
He remained with us for about a year and then went to New York,
where he purchased a little place on the Hudson, where I visited him
once a year on the occasions of my trips to the New York market—my
father and I owning and operating a string of general stores throughout
Virginia at that time. Captain Carter had a small but beautiful cottage,
situated on a bluff overlooking the...
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