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Getting Started with Zend Framework
By Rob Allen, www.akrabat.com Document Revision 1.7.6 Copyright © 2006, 2010

This tutorial is intended to give an introduction to using Zend Framework by creating a simple database driven application using the Model-View-Controller paradigm. Note: This tutorial has been tested on version 1.10.1 through to 1.11.4 of Zend Framework. It stands a very good chance of working with later versions in the 1.x series, but will not work with versions prior to 1.10.1.

Zend Framework has the following requirements: • PHP 5.2.4 (or higher) • A web server supporting mod_rewrite or similar functionality.

Tutorial assumptions
I have assumed that you are running PHP 5.2.4 or higher with the Apache web server. Your Apache installation must have the mod_rewrite extension installed and configured. You must also ensure that Apache is configured to support .htaccess files. This is usually done by changing the setting:
! AllowOverride None AllowOverride All


in your httpd.conf file. Check with your distributionʼs documentation for exact details. You will not be able to navigate to any page other than the home page in this tutorial if you have not configured mod_rewrite and .htaccess usage correctly.

Getting the framework
Zend Framework can be downloaded from http://framework.zend.com/download/latest in either .zip or .tar.gz format. Look at the bottom of the page for direct links. The “Minimal” version is what you need.

Setting up Zend_Tool
Zend Framework is supplied with a new command line tool. We start by setting it up.

Zend_Tool for Windows
• Create a new directory in Program Files called ZendFrameworkCli • Double click the downloaded archive file, ZendFramework-1.10.6-minimal.zip. • Copy the bin and library folders from within the ZendFramework-1.10.6-minimal.zip folder window to the C:\Program Files\ZendFrameworkCli folder. This folder should now have two sub folders: bin and library. • Add the bin


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