Youtube apresentação oral

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YouTube is a video-sharing website, on which users can upload, view and share videos.
Online video has only been practical for the last few years. Inonly six years, YouTube, has almost become synonymous with online video-sharing. It’s where an entire generation of content creators and consumers have built aninteractive community. Youtube is a new platform of entertainment - related but fundamentally independent from cinema and television.
Youtube has become reallyimportant for society, if you want to see TV programmes, movies, video clips, documentaries, listening to music, you can do it all in one place faster. There is nodoubt, over 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily, in every minute are added to YouTube more than fifty thousand hours of video, more video has been uploadedto YouTube than content created by the US 3 major networks in the last years. This numbers are incredible, which shows the importance of Youtube.
I think thatYouTube in future will become a most important content provider, with high definition, 3D and longer videos, partnering and attracting upcoming, paradigm-shifting,innovative content creators without the need of the investment on infrastructure the conventional TV studios, and in the future will be possible to see live videosuploaded by other users and watch Youtube on TV and of course Youtube design will be more sophisticated with lots of new options.
Finally, in my opinion Youtubewill progress very well and it will become indispensable in people’s lives whether for work or for entertainment.

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