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Others believe that success results from careful planning. In your opinion, what does success come from?

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Many people want to know how will be their future or at least what is the right way of life to reach the success. Part of people believes that the success comes taking risks and chances in some moment of life and others believe that success come from careful planning, so that, is possible to forecast long time ahead. But taking it appears a little frightful, because it takes you off of your comfort zone and you get to be always alert. After all, where does the success in life come from how can I approach it? All the people wants become a success person that get money, status a luxury life, but is necessary a long way and work hard in the life. There are very few cases that someone reaches the success by luck.. So, study, work and be yourself is a nice way to follow. More over, a planning is also great help, to define the goal and make a strategy. But, even so, with the planning there are risks that can over with the strategy and do you give up of the goal.

However, everyone born with the same chances to shine in the life, the difference is how the person sees the opportunities when it arises. Enough know look with the right perspective and enjoy the chance. Thus, the success in the life is not just having money, a high job or status because anyone can have success being modest person, common person. The problem of nowadays are that the most of people has in mind that the success regarding with money and instead to be happy.

In my opinion, firstly to get success is necessary to do what you like, what you enjoy, and this way must define a goal to the future, because without it, nobody gets what want, so that, the things coming naturally. This way is


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