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A IE S E C - V iew TN F orm

AIESEC OSTRAVA, CZECH REPUBLIC Earliest Start Date 14.10.2012 Latest End Date 25.11.2012 About SPEAK ! Job Description Department the intern will beworking Job Description1


Trainee will teach English an other languages, it depens on trainee´s languages, interactively to University students.Traineewill lead mainly conversation onspecial topic. Time will be provided for preparation before the project and an evaluation will be done after the project. Job Description2 Include trainees’ culture while teaching the language. JobDescription3 Prepare interactive material such as graphic slides, games, conversational role play, song lyrics and relevant videos for each topic. Job Description4 Trainee will fill questionaire during andafter project. Job Description5 Coach students on a one-on-one basis. Job Description6 Participate in the LC activities.Participate on globall villages, events arganized by AIESEC Ostrava. Measurableresults -Good results on periodical tests for students expected from the Improving students’ results in the language intern exams Preparation Prepare own material for the lessons required from thePresentations on the country and cultures in the intern before arrival country. Topics for language courses Details on the Personal Workspace Working Conditions Internet Access Any Other Other Details ofthe Accomodation is for free.Accomodation will be Working Conditions on trainee flat, by host families or aiesecers. Working hours are flexible. Trainee can participate on Czech language lessons.Learning points that - Teaching experience -Communication skills w w w .my aiesec.net/exchange/v iew tn.do?operation=executeA ction&tnId=100138235


A IE S E C - V iew TN F orm

the internmight obtain during the internship

Presentation skills -Experience in working in a foreign country -Learning different cultures from students and other trainees.

Additional Education project....
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