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Market Orientation: The Construct, Research Propositions, and Managerial Implications Author(s): Ajay K. Kohli and Bernard J. Jaworski Source: The Journal of Marketing, Vol. 54, No. 2 (Apr., 1990), pp. 1-18 Published by: American Marketing Association Stable URL: . Accessed: 10/05/2011 09:27
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Orientation: The Construct,Research Propositions and Managerial Implications
The literature reflects remarkably little effort to develop a framework for understanding the implementation of the marketing concept. The authors synthesize extant knowledge on the subject and provide a foundation for future research by clarifying the construct's domain,developing research propositions, and constructing an integrating framework that includes antecedents and consequences of a market orientation. They draw on the occasional writings on the subject over the last 35 years in the marketing literature, work in related disciplines, and 62 field interviews with managers in diverse functions and organizations. Managerial implications of this research arediscussed.


THOUGH the marketingconcept is a cornerstone of the marketingdiscipline, very little attention has been given to its implementation.The marketing concept is essentially a business philosophy, an ideal or a policy statement(cf. Barksdaleand Darden 1971; McNamara 1972). The business philosophy can be contrastedwith its implementation reflected in the activities and behaviors of anorganization. In keeping with tradition(e.g., McCarthyand Perreault1984, p. orientation" mean the to 36), we use the term "market implementationof the marketingconcept. Hence, a market-oriented organizationis one whose actions are consistent with the marketingconcept. In recent years, therehas been a strongresurgence of academicas well as practitioner interestin the mar-

ketingconceptand itsimplementation (e.g., Deshpande
and Webster 1989; Houston 1986; Olson 1987; Webster

K. is of AdminProfessor, Ajay Kohli Assistant DepartmentMarketing The of at J. Bernard Jaworski Asistration, University Texas Austin. is sistant of Karl Graduate Professor, School DepartmentMarketing, Eller of Management, of The thank University Arizona. authors Dipankar Rohit Jonathan Richard Deborah Chakravarti,Deshpande, Frenzen, Lutz, Kent C. P. Maclnnis, Nakamoto, W. Park, Rajan Melanie Varadarajan, Frederick Robert Gerald Wallendorf, and Webster, Westbrook, Zaltman, fourJMreviewers their for comments previous on versions of helpful the article. Research Science Instisupport provided the Marketing by tuteis gratefully Both contributed to acknowledged. authors equally the article.

1988). We seek...
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