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Discontinued Database Engine Functionality in SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2005 Updated: 5 December 2005 These Database Engine features from earlier versions of SQL Server are not supported in SQLServer 2005. Category Backup and restore Discontinued feature Disk or tape devices. Named pipe backup devices. For security reasons, SQL Server does not support backup to named pipes. Use the sqlcmdutility. Note: sqlcmd and osql utilities do not support the passing of stored procedure return values to the exit value. Replacement

Command prompt isql utility utilities

For more information, seesqlcmd Utility1. Configuration options Configuration options Configuration options Database creation 'allow updates' option of sp_configure. 'open objects' option of sp_configure. 'set working setsize' option of sp_configure DISK INIT Option is present but direct updates to system tables are not supported Option is present but its functionality has been deactivated. In SQL Server 2005, the numberof open database objects is managed dynamically and is only limited by available memory. The 'open objects' option has been left in sp_configure to ensure backward compatibility with existing scripts.Option is present but its functionality has been deactivated.

Legacy behavior from SQL Server 6.x DISK RESIZE Database creation FOR LOAD option of CREATE DATABASE RESTORE operations can create adatabase Use DROP DATABASE to remove a damaged database. DBCC DBCC DBREPAIR For more information, see DROP DATABASE (Transact-SQL)2. DBCC CHECKALLOC DBCC DBCC NEWALLOC For more information, see DBCC(Transact-SQL)3. DBCC DBCC PINTABLE, DBCC UNPINTABLE None. DBCC DBCC ROWLOCK Row-level locking is automatic.

DBCC TEXTALL DBCC Extended store procedure programming DBCC TEXTALLOC Use of SRV_PWDfield in the SRV_PFIELD structure when there has been an impersonation context switch from the original login.

DBCC CHECKDB DBCC CHECKTABLE None. Configure your application and the instance of the...
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