Usina nuclear no japão

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In 1954, Japan forced 230 million for nuclear energy, marking the beginning of the program. The Atomic Energy Basic Law activities limited to only peaceful purposes.
The first nuclear reactor in Japan was built by GEC in the UK. In the 1970s the first water reactors were built in cooperation with American companies. These plants were purchased from U.S. supplierssuch as General Electric and Westinghouse contract with the work done by Japanese companies, which was to obtain a building permit for projects of similar plants. The evolution of nuclear power since that time has seen contributions from Japanese companies and research institutes in the same level as the other major user of nuclear energy.
Since 1973, Nuclear power has been anational strategic priority in Japan, while the country is highly dependent on imported fuel, with fuel imports accounting for 61% of energy production. There has been concern about the ability of Japanese nuclear plants to withstand seismic activity. The Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant (nuclear plant) was completely closed for 21 months after an earthquake in 2007. 

Thewhole word has been concerned with natural disasters that happened in Japan in March now. The north of the country was virtually destroyed by earthquake and tsunami and with it the country’s security is the destruction in some cities is full and there is no predicting when it will be back to normal.

Japan has it’s history in several disaster caused by earthquakes but this time the concernis even greater as the risk of contamination radioactive material that would affect not only the country but world wide. The main cause of an earthquake is the movement of tectonic plates. Contrary to what might be thought, man is not guilty by the earthquake, since you can not prevent disaster, but mitigate the damage and the number of people affected.

The major concern of the JapaneseGovernment and other countries is that the country can not stem the leak of radioactive material. Already there are reports that food and water with contamination levels are above the insurance.

The tsunami triggered by the earthquake of 9 on the Richter scale, with waves up to 13 meters, has damaged the electrical system of the plant it is necessary to cool the reactors that house nuclearfuel rods. They tried to drain the radioactive water that flooded the area near the reactor turbines 1, 2 and 3. The latter is what most worries for containing a fuel blend of uranium and plutonium, and is highly toxic. 

The spokesman of the Japanese government, Yukio Edan, very critical to the performance of TEPCO, asked for the monitoring of the plutonium output of the plant and saidit was likely that the material detected comes from fuel rods partially fused. But he cautioned that the detected quantities of plutonium are the same that can be found in the environment.
IAEA and TEPCO - Meanwhile, in Vienna, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) indicated that the PU composition suggests that it proceeds from a reactor, but has emphasized that such smallquantity. For the Japanese, the priority now is to continue releasing water Fukushima on the reactors, and drain the flooded areas.

The workers of TEPCO and detect plutonium, confirmed the risk that radioactive water to reach the outside by a conductor that surrounds the reactor 2. However, the Nuclear Security Agency of Japan has ensured that no confirmation of this radioactive water has reached thesea and said that water levels in the canals that connect the reactors 1, 2 and 3 are stable. 
These pipes are at between 55 and 70 meters from the sea and were anchored with sandbags and cement blocks by the workers.Every day, TEPCO and Nuclear Safety Agency have to meet a new emergency in the central government as the spokesman of the government offers several press conferences a day to give...
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