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Individual Assignment one

Total Marks: 20 (15% of total marks of this unit).

Due date: Week 7 (Thursday (05/01/2012) by 3.00 PM)

Criteria for assessment:

➢ Submission of report✓ Not more than 5 pages.
✓ Report will have page border and double space between lines.
✓ Font will be Arial with font size 12. Report must have a cover page (other thanMIT automated one).
➢ 5 minutes presentation in Lab which will cover all five pages
✓ Only 5 bullets and one picture or diagram in one page
✓ Should only contain materials fromreport.

Marks Distribution:

➢ Report format, correct English grammar, Referencing style(APA) (3 points)
➢ Content’s

✓ quality(4points),

✓ technical value(4points) and

✓ degree of relevance(4points)

➢ Presentation

✓ Quality(2 points)

✓ Presentation style and degree of relevance(3 points)Overview:

Discuss in detail several critical elements in the architecture of a historically important computer system. Historically important systemsinclude:

1. AmigaOS
2. BeOS
3. GNU/Linux
4. Mac OS
5. MVS
6. Netware
7. OS/2
8. OS/360
9. QNX
10. TOS
12. UNIX
13. OpenVMS

Choose onecomputer system listed above and write a report in your own words

which will include:-
• Short overview of the system.
o Short overview of history and its involvement toimprove proficiency of our everyday works.
o Technical details in the basis of
a. Hardware compatibility.
b. Kernel version and its importance.c. Use of any kind of Shell.
d. Applications boundaries and compatibility issues.

Due Date: Week 7 (Thursday (05/01/2012) by 3.00 PM)

Assignments must be...
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