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SQA Tutorial
Training Index
1. Software Quality Assurance Training
Software Quality Assurance Training In this training session you will learn about SQA - Software Quality Assurance SQA Principles .SQA Planning SQA Project Metrics SQA Software and Tools SQA Analysis SQA Approaches and Methodologies SQA Planning and Requirements SQA Lifecycle Standards SQA Implementation SQA Costs andBenefits Why SQA is
2. What is Software Quality Assurance?
What is Software Quality Assurance Business software is never built overnight. It takes a lot of planning consultation and testing to be able to come up with an initial version of the application. If a business hurries up the development of a certain application they would end up spending more in addressing the problem the applicationbrought than
3. SQA Principles
SQA Principles Developing a software is not just writing codes they are essentially answers to pressing problems may it be in the office or just to cure boredom just like in games. Underlying these answers to problems and needs are principles that guide the developers in their software development. The SQA team also has to follow
4. SQA Planning
SQA PlanningPlanning is one of the most important aspects of Software Quality Assurance. The entire operation of the SQA team depends on how well their planning is done. In smaller businesses planning might not really dictate the flow of SQA but in larger businesses SQA Planning takes on center stage. Without it each component or department that
5. SQA Project Metrics
SQA Project Metrics The application isonly as good as its numbers. It is a harsh reality but everything has to come down to the numbers. Although we can enumerate tens or hundreds of features in a single application it will all be for nothing if the metrics do not live up according to expectation. The SQA team should ensure that the expected metrics
6. SQA Software and Tools
SQA Software and Tools In quality assurance it isalways important to get all the help we could get. In other industries developers could easily check the products manually and discard those that do not meet the standard. The length and the width of the product are checked to maintain standardization of the product. Others use special machines to
7. SQA Analysis
SQA Analysis Software Quality Assurance is all about analysis. One of the majorpurposes of this discipline is to know the inner workings of an application. To do this careful analysis has to be exercised at all times. Although there are programs and applications that aid in knowing the inner workings and the actual performance of an application
8. SQA Approaches and Methodologies
SQA Approaches and Methodologies A scientific approach should have methods. As a scientificprocess a stage or a step should be established or used to ensure the final product is according to the user’ s specifications. The method is usually determined through the wishes of the clients the available manpower and circumstances. It is not that
9. SQA Planning and Requirements
SQA Planning and Requirements The scope of Software Quality Assurance or SQA starts from the planning of theapplication until it is being distributed for the actual operations. To successfully monitor the application build up process the SQA team also has their written plan. In a regular SQA plan the team will have enumerated all the possible functions
10. SQA Lifecycle Standards
SQA Lifecycle Standards Software Quality Assurance procedures have finally been standardized and have been virtuallyperfected after years of planning on how to perfect the application standardization. Through experience the company was able to place in writing how to develop a plan for software development. Because it has been standardized the
11. SQA Implementation
SQA Implementation Developers and the SQA team create a development plan before they build an application. The developers write following the SDLC...
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