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Experience Meets Simulation

Global competition, smart R&D investments to create innovative products with the best possible quality at competitive prices, these are the challenges today’s forming industry is facing. It is helpful to get a detailed insight into development and manufacturing processes, to assure that innovative ideas will find their way into production -without the risk of failure within the development process. Today, companies in the forming industry worldwide rely on process simulation, which frontloads the manufacturing process into the virtual world even before production has started. This approach gives companies control over manufacturing processes as well as over „Essentially we have been able to improve our overall process regarding processstability with simulation. It helped us to improve quality, productivity, and to save material. To us, forming simulation means progress, innovation, and cost savings”. Gerald Oppelt,
Manager Production Technology, Uponor

costs related to process layout and production and the possibility to react flexible to special requirements. The product and service offerings of Simufact have beendeveloped to meet the requests of the forming industry and provide a solution. Simufact supports its customers globally by being a solution provider of production technology and process simulation for the optimization and design of production process. Simufact develops and distributes Simufact. forming, an industry sector solution, easy to implement, user friendly, and based on leading standardtechnologies.

“The cooperation with our technology partner Simufact has evolved over many years, especially in the area of ring rolling. Today, by combining the experience of our engineers with simulation technology, we are in the position to receive process simulation results that are between 90 and 98 percent close to reality.” Jürgen Schüler,
Leader Technical Planning, Neumayer Tekfor

“Theimportance of simulation within the forming industry is constantly increasing and helps to be one step ahead of your competition, because companies within our industry, that use simulation, can save energy and material, and are able to produce lighter components.” Dr. Theodor L. Tutmann,
Managing Director, German Forging Association (IMU)

„By using simulation software, my abilties as a forging diedesigner have enhanced with many folds. It helps me to visualize the concept of the physics of metal flow in the cavities of different stages of impressions. This is a very powerful and recommended tool for a designer. And in the end it saves company money. Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Cornell Forge Co, Chicago U.S.A

Challenges in Forming Technology
The global competitive pressure companiesin the forming industry are facing is immense. Customers’ requirements are increasing constantly and the cost pressure force companies to change and optimize their design and manufacturing processes. Development errors have to be avoided and processes have to be optimized as early as possible within the development phases. The goal of an optimized development process should be that a tool or partis only physically tested to validate the data coming from simulation.

What if the first physical test could already provide the approval for production? How can you assure, that production uses the most cost-efficient process? How can you guarantee, that the know-how of forming processes gathered by your experienced employees stays within your organization if someone leaves? How do you reducecycle times for new part development from several to one week? These are some of the questions companies in the forming industry are confronting in their daily work. To sustain in this market successfully, it is unavoidable to use suitable instruments, which help companies to reduce manufacturing risks, leave freedom for new and innovative ideas, and give detailed insights into manufacturing...
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