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1. Discover ambiguities or omissions in the following statement of requirements for part of a ticket-issuing system. An automated ticket issuing system sells rail tickets. Users select theirdestination and input card details and a personal identification number. The rail ticket is issued and their card account is charged. When the user presses the start button, a menu display of potentialdestinations is activated, along with a message to the user to select the destination. Once a destination is selected, users are required to input the card details. Its validity is checked and the user isthen requested to input the personal identification. When the card transaction is validated, the ticket is issued. 1. How many ckets per customer will be allowed and will be possible the buy many cketat once? 2. If any mistake occur what is the possibility to roll back the transac on. 3. What will be the system output for invalid card input? 4. If the customer select the des na on first beforeintroducing there card on ATM machine? 5. What the user must do if they wish chose another des na on and he wants another cket? 6. How the system will deal with issues related with remote users that’sthere no contact with physical ATM machines and what will be there possibility’s the stuff will be the same like in physical ATM machine? 2. Write a set of non-functional requirements for theticket-issuing system, setting out its expected reliability and response time. Possible non-functional requirements for the ticket issuing system include: a) What will be acceptable system down time in witch dayon 05:00 and 22:00 (3 to 6 minutes per day) b) What will be the system recovery time after failure on the range of 05:00 to 22:00? c) On after hours what will be the system failure tolerance?

Theall system high availability requirements can be different in witch range of day period failures mast be avoided in the pick time when most people use to traveling.


After the customer...
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