Trabalho De Biomecanica

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Estudo da diferença da força de reacção do solo no movimento

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1. Abstract
The following project is directed to the area of fitness and health in sport, focusing on the activity of step. The biomechanics has been essential in a science investigation of the appearance of injuries and their prevention, or even technological developments which enable the technical improvement and getting better competitive results. There are several biomechanical studies on the activity of step, whose main research interest of the appearance of lesions associated with this activity, the prevention of those injuries. The problems outlined above, were the principal basis for the construction of this project. Usually, the platform used to perform the activity step, has official measures that differ between two heights, and are used by all students, regardless of differences of heights. However, recently, have been created with smaller steps, but do not exceed or replace the steps used in gyms, with the official measures. With our project we intend to assess if the use of the same platform in carrying out the activity without differentiation step heights, may represent an obstacle to injury prevention, as for the technical implementation of this activity. To step out accurate conclusions on this issue, we study the ground reaction force basic step in the movement among people of low and medium structure, who are inexperienced in the practice of this modality.

2. Introdução O seguinte projeto dirige-se para a área da condição física e saúde no desporto, tendo como foco a atividade de step. A biomecânica tem sido uma ciência essencial na investigação do aparecimento de lesões, como na sua prevenção, ou até evolução


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