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HSCE: Total Connect Residential Sales

Welcome to the Total Connect Residential Sales e-learning module. As technology brings the world closer together, the need to feel connected is a reality today. For the ultimate peace of mind, more of today’s families are relying on Total Connect, the state-of-the-art communications solution from Honeywell. Total Connect lets you take advantage ofall of the amazing benefits next-generation digital technology can provide —helping you strengthen bonds, enhance communication and stay connected to your property and the people you love … when you’re home and when you aren’t. It’s never been a better time to get connected!

Welcome to the Total Connect Residential Sales e-learning module. Total Connect uses state-of-the-artcommunications to provide a comprehensive suite of value added services that allows users to access and manage their home security systems remotely. In this lesson, you will learn about: § § § § § The lifestyle benefits of Total Connect Total Connect’s remote control capabilities Total Connect’s E-mail notification Total Connect’s optional video services Total Connect’s remote control and notificationapplications

Whether you’re at home, across the street, or across the country, Total Connect lets you utilize the Internet, PDAs, cell phones and other web-enabled devices to control your security system, receive information remotely and much more. Remote access can be achieved via any Internet browser, PDA, cell phone and other webenabled devices.

Total Connectsimplifies and streamlines the way people interact with their homes on a day -today basis, helping families stay connected by intelligently utilizing everything today’s technology has to offer. With Total Connect, you can: § Control your security system via a virtual keypad using any web browser on a PC, or via Short Message Service on a Personal Digital Assistant or cell phone

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§ §Receive important email alerts and be notified of activity in selected areas of your home, and Utilize optional video services to view cameras remotely or receive images of specific activity occurring in or around your home on a PDA or cell phone

Virtual Keypad and SMS Remote Control
Offered only by Honeywell, the virtual keypad is an online version of an actual keypad—making it easy forusers to control their security system and initiate real-time changes. The virtual keypad is easy to use and offers audio verification, real time visual status, and quick arming, disarming, and bypass. Total Connect’s SMS text messaging feature allows you to control all aspects of your system remotely from any text messaging device such as a cell phone or PDA.

E-Mail Notification
Total Connectcan be easily configured so you can receive important email alerts of activity in selected areas of your home, such as a child arriving home from school, or even a garage door or pool gate being opened.

Optional Video Services
With Total Connect’s optional video services, users can view cameras remotely over the Internet, and receive notification of events via PDA, cell phone, or e-mail fromalmost anywhere in the world. Our system utilizes the highest level of Internet security, and provides you with an excellent new sales opportunity! Video services provide the following benefits: § § § Look in and view MPEG4 format video at 15 frames per second Store approximately 100 ten-frame clips as JPEG images—up to 12MB—on the Total Connect Server Send images via e-mail from any camera with justone touch

Family and Lifestyle Solutions
Total Connect is the perfect way to keep tabs on your property and loved ones when you’re away from home.

Remote Control and Notification Applications
The notification of events that require a phone call from the central station to the end-user use valuable central station resources. These events can now be instantly relayed to the end-user...
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