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“It is more important to discover new ways of thinking about what is already known than to discover new data or fact”. To what extent would you agree with this claim?

When you discover a new way of thinking a same old idea, it means your mind is more opened, more wide. Just searching for new data or fact, doesn’t imply an open mind, your still using the same method and prisioning yourself tothat way of thinking, which blocks your mind to the new one. On the other hand, we have that it is impossible to discover a new way of thinking without new data or fact, which means that new data or facts lead us to a new way of thinking. I do not think it has to be one way around or the other, I think one does not exclude the other, as matter of fact I believe they are complementary. Thus Idisagree with the statement “discovering new ways of thinking is more important than discovering new data or fact”, I don’t think it is more important to discover new ways of thinking, I believe it is as important as discovering new data or fact and to demonstrate this is the purpose of this essay.
Starting the reflection with a personal experience, when I was in my 9th grade, we went for our fieldtrip to visit a base of group really criminalized by the Brazilian latifundiary society, the MST (Movement of landless people). It is a radical group that fights for agrarian reform. My family is owner of a great part of Land on the country side. I grew up running and riding horses with the employees children’s in big farms with horizontal infinite sugar-cane and oranges plantations. I alwaysthought that were all kind of country-side workers that existed, and I envied them because I love farm-life and wanted to live there myself. I used to listen at home quite a lot about the MST, off course the criminalized version, once we were the land-owner. I used to hear things like: “ I’m gonna shoot those son of bitches if they break into my land!!”[1], which sounded pretty plausible for me,once we had some guns hanging on the top of the fireplace and my grandmother used to teach me how to shoot. Speeches like that kept repeating themselves, they were always the “bad guys” for me until my 9th grade. That was the first time I consciously discovered a new way of thinking, a new perspective, I heard for the first time their version, and that changed my world perspective, since then Istarted always questioning everything, even my own family. I understood the movement’s reasons and way of thinking, and that was of great importance for my intellect and world perspective, I realized that there are always two sides of a story and neither of them has to be wrong or right. However this does not excludes the importance of new data or fact.
Coming to analysis of the statement in theareas of sciences, the cell theory for instance. Until Robert Hook[2], nobody had a clue about the existence of cells. He observed this peculiar thing that he named Cell. It was a new data of great importance that allowed further researches. His new data opened the mind of other scientist that started researching about it, formulating many theories until the cell theory we learn in school nowadays.Ana Roosevelt[3] could only develop her American colonization theory based on new fossils discovery. Max Planck[4] needed his calculus to formulate the modern physics theory. Louis Pasteur[5] discovery of penicillin was due to new data. The discovery of petroleum exploration revolutionized not only economy but he whole world, almost every science studies petroleum but from different perspectives.Natural sciences study how petroleum is extracted, which are its organic compounds while human sciences study its relationship with the capitalistic society, how it influences the system and history studies its crisis, wars causes and effects. As could be observed all these examples mentioned above needed new data to develop their theories.
New data or facts are of essential importance and I...
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