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“It is more important to discover new ways of thinking about what is already known than to discover new data or fact”. To what extent would you agree with this claim?

When you discover a new way of thinking a same old idea, it means your mind is more opened, more wide. Just searching for new data or fact, doesn’t imply an open mind, your still using the same method and prisioning yourself to that way of thinking, which blocks your mind to the new one. On the other hand, we have that it is impossible to discover a new way of thinking without new data or fact, which means that new data or facts lead us to a new way of thinking. I do not think it has to be one way around or the other, I think one does not exclude the other, as matter of fact I believe they are complementary. Thus I disagree with the statement “discovering new ways of thinking is more important than discovering new data or fact”, I don’t think it is more important to discover new ways of thinking, I believe it is as important as discovering new data or fact and to demonstrate this is the purpose of this essay. Starting the reflection with a personal experience, when I was in my 9th grade, we went for our field trip to visit a base of group really criminalized by the Brazilian latifundiary society, the MST (Movement of landless people). It is a radical group that fights for agrarian reform. My family is owner of a great part of Land on the country side. I grew up running and riding horses with the employees children’s in big farms with horizontal infinite sugar-cane and oranges plantations. I always thought that were all kind of country-side workers that existed, and I envied them because I love farm-life and wanted to live there myself. I used to listen at home quite a lot about the MST, off course the criminalized version, once we were the land-owner. I used to hear things like: “ I’m gonna shoot those son of bitches if they break into my land!!”[1], which sounded pretty plausible for me,


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