The wish ring (tradução)

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Titulo: The wish ring (tradução)

Trabalho apresentado à disciplina de inglês
Ministrada pela professora Vanessa

Bruno Cesar
Carol F. Oliveira

Assai - 2012

The wish ring
A Young farmer was cutting hay in his Field. The day was warm and the work was hard. He stopped to havelunch. He sat under a tree to eat his meal of bread and cheese.
Just then he saw an old woman. She was so old that she could hardly walk. She looked hungrily at the farmer` s food. He said to her, “Rest here for a while. I will share my bread and cheese with you.” She sat and ate. (…) She said to the farmer, “You have been kind to me. Now I will be kind to you”. Walk for two days along this road.You will come to a tree that is very tall. (…) If you can cut it down, you will have good luck.”
The farmer picked up his ax. He began to walk. Sure enough, after two days he saw the tree. He cut it down. As it fell, a nest with two eggs dropped to the earth.
An eagle flew out of one egg. And out of the other egg rolled a ring. The eagle sailed into the air. As did, it cried out, “Take the ring!Put it on your finger and turn it once. It will give you a wish. But remember this! This ring can give you only one wish! So think carefully about what you want!” The farmer picked up the ring. (…) Then he started for home. Toward evening the farmer came to a town. As he walked down a street, he saw a jeweler sitting in his shop. The farmer wondered what the jeweler would say about his ring. Sothe farmer asked, “How much do you think this ring is worth?”
The farmer laughed. “It is not worth more than all of your rings. It is a wish ring.” (…)
The jeweler was greedy. He thought to himself, “I would like to have that, ring. It would make me rich.” He told the farmer, “You are tired. (…) Why don´ t you rest here tonight? He gave the farmer a meal and a place to stay. That night the farmerfell fast asleep. The jeweler came into the ring off the middle of night. He took the ring off the farmer` s finger. In its place he put a ring that looked like the wish ring. The next morning (…) the jeweler closed his shop. Then he turned the ring. “I wish for a million pieces of gold came raining down. The gold landed on the jeweler` s head. (…) The loud noise surprised the neighbors. Theyran to the jeweler` s shop. They found him dead under his pile of gold. When the farmer got home, he was filled with joy. He showed the ring to his wife. She said, Why don`t we wish for the piece of land that is next to our field?” “Let us not wish for that,” the husband said. “We can work very hard for a year. Then we will have enough money to buy the land.” So the two worked very hard. At the endof the year, they had enough money to buy the land. (…)
]And so that was the end of the matter. Fr it really seemed as if the ting had brought them god luck. (…) And in a few years, he became a rich man. (…)
After many years the farmer and his wife (…) peacefully died . (…) The old farmer was buried with the ring. It was supposed to be a wish ring, but it was not. Yes it brought as much goodfortune as anyone could want.
O anel de desejo
Um fazendeiro jovem estava cortando feno em seu campo. O dia estava quente eo trabalho era duro. Ele parou para almoçar. Ele se sentou sob uma árvore para comer a sua refeição de pão e queijo. Só então ele viu uma mulher velha. Ela estava tão velha que ela mal conseguia andar. Olhou avidamente para a comida do agricultor. Ele disse a ela: "Descanse umpouco por aqui. Vou compartilhar o meu pão e queijo com você. "
Ela se sentou e comeu. (...) Ela disse para o fazendeiro, "Você tem sido gentil comigo. Agora eu vou ser gentil com você ". Andar por dois dias ao longo desta estrada. Você chegará a uma árvore que é muito alto. (...) Se você pode cortá-la, você terá boa sorte. "
O fazendeiro pegou seu machado. Ele começou a andar. Com certeza,...
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