The visitor - resume

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The visitor
Episode twelve
The helicopter landed on the deck of the yacht, and a man in grey get out. He went to a cabin below the deck. Mr. Shandor was waiting for him in the cabin. He asked theman if he had done his instruction. The man, whose name was Harlan answered, and he said that he had done the instruction, and he give to Mr. Shandor a microfilm.
Mr. Shandor asked Harlan about aanother instruction that he had give. Harlan answered that he had finish all the instruction. Mr. Shandor give a smile. Harlan stepped closer to Shandor’s desk, said that it had an unfinished businesswith the young journalist. Shandor asked Harlan a suggestion, and he suggest that there operator should visit Mr. Redford in the hospital, and give him a little gift. Shandor understand the suggestion.Both men smiled coldly.
The visitor
Episode thirteen
Tony was unhappily in the big hospital room, he was alone. Suddenly the door opened and Liz came in, and both of then started to talk. Tonynoticed something strange about Liz. She had a yellow dress on. He question her about it, but she did not answered him. Liz had a box in her hands, and she began to unwrap it. It was a box of chocolates,she give Tony the chocolates as a gift, but Tony hates chocolates, and Liz knows that. He wondered if it was a joke, but it wasn’t.
Liz tried to push the chocolate into Tony mouth, but he did notwanted it. She gripped him, and forced him down in the bed and stood over him with the chocolate. Tony looked into Liz’s eyes, and it was cold, terrible to look in them. Tony thought that it was adream.
The visitor
Episode fourteen
Liz was holding down Tony with only one hand. She had the strength of a tiger. Tony was afraid, he was terrified. He tried to scream, but she forced her hand into hismouth and stopped him. He tried to bite her hand, but it was impossible. Tony realized that this thing wasn’t Liz, it was a type of machine that looked like a human being.
The machine forced a big...
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