The little white box

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| Narração ilustrada, feita pelo acadêmico Álvaro Jhones Siqueira Gomes, como aplicação de vocabulários utilizados na aula de Língua Inglesa II. |

Parnaíba - PI30/11/2012
The Little White Box
| Once upon a time, there was a little strange house in a little gloomy place of a little scary town in a little mad world. Inside that little strange house in a little muggy room there was a little rocking chair with a little creepy doll sitting it. Near that little rocking chair there was a little white box, which was ever guarded by the little creepydoll. That little white box never ever was opened before. |

In a stormy and dark night, a girl awoke in the middle of a spooky garden. Actually that garden was a kind of huge maze, with thick and high walls made of thorn vines. The muddy ground was covered by dead flowers among the tall grass. That girl
didn’t know where she was, not even how she arrived there, so, afraid, shestarted to look for an exit. Under the cold rain, jamming the feet on mud, she took care to don’t get hurt by the thorns in everywhere while she walked for a long time through the maze. She was already desperate ‘cause it seemed she was walking in circles but when she was about to give up, she found a paved path that ends up in the entrance of a Victorian old big house, the | |
little strange house.|
| She ran to the entrance doors and raised her hand to knock, but suddenly the doors opened revealing behind them the living room of the house. She entered inside it staring at the worn decoration and dusty old-fashioned furniture. In a corner of that living room there was a big aquarium with some drowned birds floating in the dirty water. Above it, and |
hanging on the wallthere were some cages with smelling bad dead fish inside it. Besides these ugly ornaments, in the living room there was also a fireplace and near it an old television. The girl approached it and turned on the television, after the static, the only image showed by the television was an eye that seemed to watch the girl. She tried
to push the button to turn off the television, but it kept turned on,then she pulled the plug, but the television still kept turned on and the eye still watched her. Then the rocking chair began to swinging frenetically and the girl heard a noise from inside the fireplace. She approached it and saw small embers hovering in the air, when one of these embers landed in the wood inside the fireplace, it exploded in flames. So she covered her face | |
with her armsand when she looked around she saw all the room burning up. Her only option was run to the open door in the opposite side of the room.

She passed through it and entered in an empty and small square room with white floor and white ceiling and four white doors, one in each of the white walls. There was so calm that not even seemed there was a fire behind that door. She heard a low laugh fromsomewhere, so she chose the left one door and passed through it entering in another room the same as the previous, with four white doors, one in each of the walls. This times she chose the right one door to pass through it, and she entered in another room just as the same as before. Then she went ahead and passed room by room, always entering in a room just like the previous.

| She wasscared and confused, it was like she was stuck in another maze, but without exit. She paused to catch her breath and rested her hand on the wall, unintentionally pressing the light switch, turning it off. Soon she turned it on again and was extremely surprised finding herself in a nice kitchen when the lamps light up the room. She wanted to get outta that house as fast as she could do, but she...
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