The little prince

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1. Where did the Little Prince live?
_________________________________________________________________________________2. What did exist on his planet?

3. Why did The Little Prince go out of his planet?_________________________________________________________________________________

4. What the planets that the Little Prince visited?

5.What was important for each person that he met?

6. Who did The Little Prince meet when he arrived on The Earth?_________________________________________________________________________________

7. What did the snake tell to The Little Prince about The Earth?_________________________________________________________________________________

8. What did the fox teach to The Little Prince?

9. What happened with thePrince in the end of the story?

10. Who is the Little Prince?_________________________________________________________________________________

11. Complete the summary of the story The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint – Exupéry with the past tense of the words in the box:

The little Prince____________ by himself on a very small planet. The planet _______ as large as a house. He ___________thee volcanoes. Two vocanoes ___________ active and one ____________ extinct. He ___________ a verybeautiful flower, too. But this flower _____________ full of pride. Her pride _________________ the serenity of the little prince's world, so he _______________ interplanetary travels. In one of these...
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