The life and influence of frederick taylor

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Gleidson Silva
Principles of Management
Course: MAN 111
Professor: Richard J. Sweeney
September, 2011

The Life and Influence of Frederick Taylor

Taylor studies related to the Scientific Management, show a search for a constant and for maximum productivity and efficiency by organization which is the basis of this study and is based upon of following principles: the time and motionstudy, production awards, division of tasks, standardization, design of jobs, tasks and conditions environmental, among others, and these are the key to development task and therefore an increase in productivity. Time passed and the points highlighted by Taylor are still very present in organizations, especially in the productive enterprises. Thus, the study aims, through bibliographical researchand a case study in the company of Joao Carlos Peixinho in the garment industry, demonstrate the importance of studying the theory of Taylor - Scientific Management as the basis of the administrative process of the companies, because these can be found in contemporary enterprises. You can say that even thou Taylor model has been widely criticized, it is very much alive and is necessary for businessgrowth.
An important fact in organizations, whether present or not, is the permanent quest for efficiency. In fact, efficiency is a cornerstone of productivity maximum ensures the survival of firms. One of the main precursors in efficiency and productivity in the history of administration was Frederic W. Taylor, who with his further studies in 1903, as showed the standardization of time andmotion, the division of tasks, award wages and inventive production, and environmental conditions and design of jobs and tasks, among others. Over time, other scholars such as Henry Fayol (1916), Max Weber (1940), Etzioni (1947), Elton Mayo (1932), came out with new studies, other variables in addressing an organization such as structure and people.
However, the issue of efficiency andproductivity persisted and with them the essence of Taylor's work, being carried from generation to generation until to modern times.
Thus, it is interesting to analyze the true importance of this study pioneer school administration, for organizations, whether the area production of goods or services.
It is impossible to imagine, for example, an automobile manufacturing company without
an assemblyline, division of labor, production prize, even with all the available technology. Thus, this article addresses the importance of the contributions of Taylor in his scientific management for organizations. It also demonstrates that although
many changes have occurred regarding the forms of realization, essence of what is rational organization of work developed by Taylor, is still prevalent inmodern times.
For this, we carried out a literature search, many different authors that commune with thoughts of primordium or treat them so relevant, such as Chiavenato (2000), Maximian (2000), Stoner and Freeman (1999), Morgan (1996), among others. In this sense, the work aims at exposing the contributions and influences of Taylor studies in on temporary organizations. Frederick W. Taylor,born in the United States, a common man, became the personality that most influenced the study of administration, may be compared with Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, for his great collaboration progress. Son of a family of strict principles was the first to study the rationalization and efficiency at work, around 1903. In reality this rationalization is nothing more than the redesign of processeswork to increase productivity, this being the most successful form to work until today. Taylor began his work in an industry as a laborer, in order to learn and understand the functioning of processes, and thus propose innovations (STONER AND FREEMAN, 1999).
Taylor believed and therefore proposed the creation of a science of administration. To
it is possible to apply knowledge to work. You can...
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