The island

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School year 2012/2013
Class A Grade 11th

The Island

Work made by:

-Beatriz Araújo, 3
-Carolina de Mendanha Álvares, 13
The film “The Island” isan action and science fiction movie about clones.
The scenes of this film take place in the USA, in a place underground. The clones live on this place because the people that are responsible for thecloning wanted to hide them from the “real people” that live in the “real world”.
The general atmosphere of the film is ironical because they take way peoples life to give it to another person. Wesay that this is ironical because where is the meaning of life stays in this people’s mind?! They don’t really care about the life, they only care about the money that they can win. The atmosphere canalso be bizarre because they don’t care about the lifes that they take away, so, we start thinking that who can do something like that, can’t be normal, they have no heart!
One of the most importantthings that this movie represents it’s how selfish can be the human being. We can kill someone just to stay alive, and the worse part, it’s that we can kill somebody just for money.
In this movie,the most part of the characters are clones adults who doesn’t know anything about the really world, and what is going on, so, they are adults that are treat like small children that doesn’t know how isthe world. We also have the characters that represent the ones that were cloned. This people are adults as well, but they are really adults, they know what is going on, and as I said, the most pat ofthem doesn’t care if somebody will die because of them, because they only care about their safety.
All the history in this movie is about life and the way that the human being care about it. But isit fair? Is fair take away someone’s life for we can survive? This is the big question that this movie has into. I think this is not fare! How can we even think kill someone just to stay alive?! Or...
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