The graphic language as a component of design development

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The ‘Graphic language’ is a key aspect of a process to develop a future product. There are different toolslike drawing, computer softwares and drafting. These kind of tools helps one communicate withthe client or group of colleague’s during the design process. Throughout the stages of the project, having the appropriate graphic language is an important aspect to be able to communicate properlyand for one to visualize the idea.
The first part of the design process is to research the consumer market and all the aspects that aids the products outcome and function. After the designer knowsexactly what is the target group for the project, they begin the first stage called idea generation. During the stage of idea generation having the ability to draw in perspective on paper helps thedesigner to express their early stage concepts and share their vision with the group. At this point designers are putting there ideas on paper, helping clients visualize their future product. Thereforegraphic language is important because without sketches the product will not be able to develop. Right after idea generation designers soon start to work on concept development where the most likedproduct is further improved, meeting the client’s needs. At this point, the sketches are more detailed and the use of software’s isintroduced. The software’s like AutoCAD, solid works or pro engineer arethe main tools to produce a realistic and functional 3D image and prototype. This kind of image helps the client to visualize realistically how the product will look and how it will function. Thisstage is the most important part for having a good graphic language due to it being the most critical stage of all stages in terms of further developing the product and allowing the sketches tocommunicate with the clients. Finally, the last stage is detail development. This final stage is when color, detail and function is fully developed and finalized by tying up loose ends and resolving all the...
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