The future tribulation

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Grace to You :: Unleashing God's Truth, One Verse at a Time The Future Tribulation Scripture: Mark 13:14-23 Code: 41-67

It’s the thirteenth chapter then of the gospel of Mark. As we come to this section before us, we are with our Lord Jesus and the disciples sitting on the Mount of Olives. It is the end of the day on Wednesday of Passion Week. On Friday He will die on the cross. On Sunday Hewill rise. On Thursday He will prepare for the Passover and celebrate the Passover meal Thursday evening with His disciples. And that’s where the betrayal will occur, that night, and it will all come to fruition on Friday, He will be tried, He will be executed on the cross, as I said, to rise on Sunday. So in a very real sense, this is a very, very important moment for our Lord. His final day ofpublic teaching has been concluded, spent the whole day in the temple. He arrived in Jerusalem on Monday. On Tuesday He went in to attack and assault the temple and threw out the buyers and sellers that were there and prepared that temple for His entrance on Wednesday. Went in and used that full day to teach the truth in that place, first time in hundreds of years the truth had dominated the temple.But for a day He taught His final lessons, His final messages. Then He pronounced judgment on the temple, judgment on Israel as well. He left the temple and His disciples followed Him. They went out the Eastern Gate, down the little bank, across the Kidron Valley, a little stream that runs there, up the slope to the Mount of Olives and He sat with His disciples on the Mount of Olives in the duskof Wednesday. And they looked and they saw the temple fading in the glow of evening. This prompted a question on the part of the disciples, as you remember. They asked Him privately in verse 4 of chapter 13, “When will these things be?” That is, the destruction of the temple, “And what will be the sign when all these things are going to be fulfilled?” They wanted to know about the end of the age.Matthew’s account of this, he says, they asked about the end of the age and His coming. Jesus had told them, “I’m going to die and rise again.” Maybe they had come to some understanding of that, although they resisted it. But more importantly to them, whatever that meant, they wanted to see the establishment of the Kingdom and Jesus has just said to them, “This thing is coming down, not one stonewill be left on another. This system will be destroyed, this temple will be destroyed and with it the city and the nation. When is this all going to happen? When is the Kingdom coming? When are You going to establish Your rule and Your glory. That prompts a question for which our Lord gives the longest answer to any question asked Him in the gospels. He answers the question about what’s going tohappen before He

comes back to establish His Kingdom? It’s all is precipitated on the fact that there’s a future Kingdom, a future return of Christ to establish His Kingdom on the earth to fulfill all messianic prophecy. And the Old Testament promised the Messiah would come, the Messiah would bring salvation. He would fulfill all the promises given to Abraham, all the promises given to David,all the extended promises related to the New Covenant, spoken to Ezekiel and to Jeremiah. In other words, everything that the Old Testament promised in the Millennial Kingdom to come. The prophet Isaiah, even in chapter 11 of Isaiah and following, speaks of the glories of the Kingdom. So they want to know when are You going to establish the Kingdom? You are the King, You are the Messiah, we knowthat. You are David’s Son, but You are David’s Lord. You are the Son of the living God. You are the Christ, the Messiah. When is the Kingdom coming? That was on their minds. In answer to that, our Lord gives them a picture of the history between that evening and His Kingdom. What that means is our Lord tells them what the future is going to be. They didn’t know how long that would be because He...
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