The dangers of the internet

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The Internet is a very powerful tool that can be helpful in many different ways. However, if it is not correctly used, the Internet can also be extremely dangerous.
First, we have to think aboutteenagers or even children and their safety. Parents should not let their children use the computer and surf the Internet on their own, without supervision. It is important to see what the children aredoing and explain all the dangers they can find if they go to chat rooms and chat with people they don’t know.
The same goes for teenagers. Parents should encourage teenagers to be responsible whenthey are on the Internet and tell them that they shouldn’t reveal their identity to strangers. You never know what can happen.
Secondly, we have to mention pornography. The Internet is full ofpornography and even paedophilic sites. It is important that parents make their computers safe and limit the access to these types of sites. Of course they cannot control other computers at school, incybercafés, etc, but at least they should do it at home.
We also have to refer to false socialization when we talk about the Internet. People tend to think that they are socializing when they are in chatrooms or even in social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. In fact, people are not truly socializing, because they are not interacting in person. Instead, they are interacting with a machine, with acomputer.
Another important thing that has to be mentioned is the way information is presented on the Internet. We tend to accept all the information we search for on the Internet as reliable andtrue, but most of the times that information is untrue, which may be dangerous.
Lastly, I’d like to mention the fact that the Internet may be addictive. People can really be addicted to the Internetbecause it is like a drug: the more you have, the more you want to have.
For all this that has been said I really think that parents have an important role in protecting their children from the...
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