The city of cambridge

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If your goal is to study in England, then consider staying at Cambridge, one of the oldest and renowned University cities in the world. Less than an hour by train fromLondon, the place is full of famous colleges that look more like castles. The most well known colleges are Trinity College, where he studied the own "father Physics", King's College, Christ's College,Queen's College, Corpus Christi College and St. John College. Its medieval environment, crossed by charming River Cam and decked in green areas, is the pleasant sensation of back to the 18th century or 19.With an academic tradition of more than 700 years, the students call it "Disneyland of the sciences". It was from Cambridge University, ranked among the top three in the world, which formed a"tal" Isaac Newton, considered the father of physics and creator of the law of gravity.

The city maintains a healthy rivalry with Oxford not only by the fame of intellectual Centre of the country, butalso for its history, trade and architectural heritage. The population is almost entirely of young people from all corners to learn in historical buildings and relax in the classic British pubs.Knowledge with fun: this perfect combination is practically a law in Cambridge. And not Newton who invented!

The city offers much more than the renowned courses and universities. She is attractive andpleasant to visit any time of year. There, you can enjoy many pubs and dancing, relax in different parks and squares, beautiful landscapes, make good shopping in malls, eating at different restaurantsand cafes, historical and modern knowledge places, without counting the cultural tours. There are several museums, theatres, art galleries, cinemas and music venues.

But the town seethes even insummer, when they promoted many cultural festivals and musicals outdoors. Highlight for the season of Shakespeare, which adorns the gardens of colleges and promotes many concerts and recitals in...
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