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King Arthur

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Name : Thatiane Albuquerque
Grade : 7ªC - Intermediate

A long time ago, the British islands were known as Logres, butafter the arrival of Roman troops, gained a new name: Brittany.
Uther, Arthur's father, knew he was dying, asked Merlin to take care of your son after hisdeath. Merlin gave Arthur to Sir Hector, a noble knight.
After 18 years, Merlin back announcing a meeting in the cathedral, so that everyone knows the new king. On the appointedday, out of the cathedral, everyone saw a sword in a stone, and below, a sign that says:

" Who can pull the sword of this stone, is the true king of all Britain."After that many men have tried, Arthur easily took the sword from the stone. He had to put the sword in the stone and remove it many times so that the people believed hewas the king of all Brittany.
To rule all Britain, King Arthur needed to bring peace to her, and with time, making allies and defeating enemies, he managed to peacethroughout the Brittany.

On the day that Arthur married Genevere, formed The Order of the Round Table, bringing the best riders from all over the kingdom.There were reasons for the decline of Arthur's reign:
- Your opponent Morgana, his half-sister;
- Lancelot's love for Queen Guinevere;
- The disappearance of Merlin.The kingdom of King Arthur and a Round Table  the order no longer existed. The decline took over land that was once called Logres.

In a battle with hisson Mordred, Arthur was mortally wounded, and thendisappeared into a boat to Avalon, a magical land.

In his trip, he left the promise to return when his people needed.
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