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In today’s software development environment, requirements often change during the product development life cycle to meet shifting business demands, creating endless headaches for development teams. We discuss our experience in implementing the Scrum software development process to address these concerns.

process diversity

The Scrum Software Development Process for Small Teams
Linda Rising and Norman S. Janoff, AG Communication Systems


t AG Communication Systems, software development teams range in size from two to several hundred individuals. Intuitively, the development process that’s appropriate for very large teams won’t work well for tiny teams and vice versa. In our organization, process diversity means adopting a flexible approach to development processes so that each team can apply what works best. In experimenting with the Scrum software development process, we found that small teams ing from projects at our organization that faced significant challenges. In the new telecommunications market where our company operates, change is overwhelming. Software developers have always complained about changing requirements, but in traditional approaches they assumed they would understand the requirements before moving on to the next phase. In the current environment, however, project requirements might be unclear or unknown even as the project gets underway. Indeed, the market might not be defined—it might even be that no one clearly understands the product under development. Most development teams respond with, “Make the chaos go away! Give us better requirements!” Unfortunately or not, chaos is the reality in this new business environ0740-7459/00/$10.00 © 2000 IEEE

can be flexible and adaptable in defining and applying an appropriate variant of Scrum. This article describes our experience implementing this process. Why Scrum? As members of the Software Technology Group, our group is responsible for introducing new technologies and processes


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