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Computer Aid, Inc.

100 IT Performance Metrics
Produced by: Nicholas Spanos Principal, Solutions Consulting

The mission of an IT organization is to provide an information processing capability that benefits the business. In order to fulfill this mission IT must provide the following services while managing costs and prioritizing requests to optimizevalue:

• Operate and support the infrastructure required to process, store, secure, and communicate

• Operate and support the business applications that process information • Provide technology consulting, training, and planning services • Employ, train, and deploy staff required to provide these services • Plan, develop/purchase, test, and implement new infrastructure or softwareto fix problems or

provide enhanced information processing capabilities to the business

This document identifies data elements for measuring IT performance by related categories. Some of the metrics represent averages while others are reported in the form of a graph. By reporting these metrics on a regular basis (monthly is the minimum recommended reporting period), trends can be observedacross the reporting periods. In many cases the trends are more important than the actual value. Averages can hide significant problems. Some of the data elements are designed to identify significant problems that may go unnoticed by simply reporting averages. Example: If a critical application was down for 24 hours, this is a significant event that should be reported even though the overallaverage availability for all applications was within an acceptable range. One hundred data elements is more than a typical CIO would review. The CIO’s management team should be tracking and managing to these metrics. The highlighted metrics should be reviewed by a CIO on a regular basis. The following general objectives have been identified for all TI organizations. The recommended metrics areorganized according to the supported objectives. Some of the metrics are described in general terms and must be interpreted by each organization. The intent of the metrics is more important then the specific terminology used to describe the metric.

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Ensure the availability of existing Processing Capabilities Utilize Available Staff Resources Efficiently Timely Response to BusinessRequests for New Features or Services Ensure the successful implementation of system changes Manage the cost of delivering IT services and optimize value

Top IT Performance Metrics

Computer Aid, Inc.


Recommended Metrics
Goal: Ensure the availability of existing Processing Capabilities The first priority of an IT organization is to ensure the business has access to the existing processingcapability. The CIO should have access to performance and cost information for the operation and support of existing Infrastructure and Applications. Infrastructure Operations and Support
Infrastructure Incidents Evaluate the number of non-desktop problems that affect more than a single user and resolution time. Includes hardware and system software. Requires a consistent definition forseverity. Graph infrastructure incidents by infrastructure type (network, server, etc.). Exclude desktop problems that only affect a single user.


Total Infrastructure Incidents (by infrastructure type excluding desktop incidents) Infrastructure Incident Resolution Index (SLA) Mean time to resolve (by severity) Average Nbr Affected Users by type of incident Max Nbr Affected Users by type Maximumtime to resolve (by type)


Incidents resolved with SLA / Total Incidents. Graph by severity.

3. 4.

Graph the mean time to resolve by incident severity Scope of problems … Graph by Type

5. 6.

Identifies worst types problems. Graph by type Identifies worst types of problems. Graph by Type

Evaluate the availability of non-desktop infrastructure during peak business hours...
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