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SWOT analysis of Facebook (Gartner + Current Analysis)

Posted on May 24, 2011 at 20:37


Brand strength and ability to attract users: More than 500 million users is a figure that speaks foritself. A brand recognized worldwide and with a positive assessment has even improved over last year.

Extensive development environment: Through the integration of third-party Facebookapplications multichannel improved user experience, highlighting the games category (in this chapter must cite the company and its popular Zynga FarmVille). Opening the authentication API that allows otherwebsites identify users using Facebook itself is a strategy that has proven successful. Also review the firm commitment of the company for the development linked to mobile environments and the approachto the concept of Unified Communication simultaneously providing messaging services, email and even VoIP via Skype platform.

Database users: the interconnected data network that makes up therecord of user activity on Facebook is probably your most valuable asset: this database which lists the user's friends, their comments and messages His photographs, contact information, application usage,the companies they follow and responses to marketing campaigns is an invaluable material from the point of view of marketing for both Facebook and their own partners.

WeaknessesOverconfidence: The apparent position of leadership and achieved worldwide reference can be the biggest enemy of Facebook in the long run if it results in behavior that follow only their own judgment regardless ofconsumer trends. Do not forget that not long ago occupied the same position MySpace.

Low presence in business: Although Facebook given the position to approach companies try to use the socialnetwork as a channel of contact with customers, the fact is that to date the platform provides the capabilities needed to provide robust integration and secure with traditional corporate environments....
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