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Interviewer: Good evening everyone! We are here at a Late-night talk show and tonight our guests are Madonna the queen of pop and Harold Baines a famous baseball player!Welcome!
Madonna: Good evening and thank you very much for the invitation, I’m glad I’m here.
Harold Baines: Yes, it’s a great pleasure being here. I must admit I neverexpected to be on a talk show with Madonna, but so far so good.
Interviewer: Well you are both famous and you are almost the same age, aren’t you?
Harold Baines: I am 54.Madonna: Yes, me too.
Interviewer: Well, ladies first. Madonna tell us something about you and your carrier, most people know you as singer and dancer, but you are also awriter aren´t you?
Madonna: Yes, I am. I love singing and dancing and that was what made me famous. But I also like writing, especially for children.
Interviewer: I’veheard about your book, Mr Peabody´s apples; can you tell us something about it?
Madonna: That is probably my favourite book; I was trying to teach children not to spreadrumours in a very simple way.
Harold Baines: Well, you succeeded, I read it to my children and they loved it and also learned a lot.
Madonna: That´s great!
Interviewer:It is indeed. Now, what about you Mr Baines?
Harold Baines: I played baseball as designated hitter and right fielder at the American Baseball League for five times and thatmade me quite famous!
Interviewer: In my opinion baseball is a fantastic sport however it will never be as popular as football!
Harold Baines: It’s a shame but I guessyou are right!
Interviewer: I am sorry to say that but our time is over. I hope to see you again soon.
Madonna: So do I.
Harold Baines: Yes, goodbye and good evening!
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