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Pat Monahan has a video explaining what "Drops of Jupiter" is really about. He wrote this song shortly after the death of his mother. During his depression, Pat had a dream about his mother. The words "In the Atmosphere" were engraved into his mind and he wrote a song about it. Overall, he wrote the song to help remind him that no one is really ever gone. They are just waiting for you up in the sky (what some may consider to be heaven).

This song is about a girl/woman who left a man (possibly a boyfriend) with whom she was very close to at one point. She left thinking that there was more out there for her. While gone, she got caught up in the pretentious trends of the day (like tai-bo, soy lattes etc) and got lost in it all. In the song the man rhetorically/sarcastically asks her if her mind was blown, if she was swept off her feet and how it felt to get there only to realize that it's not all that (that the "lights were faded" and it was "overrated"). However he loved her enough to let her go knowing she needed to make these realizations on her own. Upon her return to the "atmosphere", he is still there for her....
Lead singer Pat Monahan has stated that the song was inspired by the death of his mother, and that the opening lines came to him in a dream.[2] At a performance/open forum Q&A session for listeners of radio station KPRI in San Diego, CA, he confirmed the inspiration during his conversation with the audience. The audio clip has since been broadcast by KPRI.
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