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Model SMM05ACP

12V DC Air Conditioners
General Description
The SeaMach™ 12V DC air conditioners are self contained, water cooled units designed for use in either fresh or salt water.All units are factory charged with refrigerant, wired and tested. The 12V DC is currently built in a nominal capacity of 5,000 BTUH. All units use the environmentally friendly, non-ozone depletingR-134a refrigerant. R-134a is non-flammable, has an A1 safety classification by ASHRAE and is listed on the EPA on their SNAP list. The air conditioner without circulating pump draws a nominal 30 ampmaking it ideal for sailboats, powerboats and any place cooling is desired. The unit can be operated directly from batteries and can be used dockside with a suitable battery charger. To ensure years ofdependable performance: • Stainless steel base pan • An insulated base pan prevents sweating and minimizes movement and sound. • The evaporator coil is constructed of lanced aluminum fins and rifledcopper tubing for optimum heat transfer. The coil is dipped in a polyester enamel and is rated to 1,000 hours when tested to ASTM B117. • A compact, single inlet centrifugal type DC blower. The blowermoves the conditioned air quietly and efficiently and is designed to be used with ductwork and grille. • Operating voltage: 9V DC to 17V DC. • Locked rotor protection. Compressor has locked rotorprotection on the control board. Compressor will attempt to start 11 times and then lock out. Blower motor has independent locked rotor protection. • Over/under voltage protection. Compressor and blowermotor will shut down if voltage is less than 9 volts or over 17 volts. • Over current protection. Blower and motor have separate current protection. Over current limit on the compressor is 45 amps. Overcurrent protection on the blower motor is 27 amps. • Thermal protection. Both the compressor and the blower motor have thermal cut-outs. • Polarity protection. Marvair® is an ISO 9001-2000 certified...
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