Social justice

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Everyone knows that justice is done by men and therefore it is perfected as societies develop, not only economically, but mainly to enlarge the civil, political and social rights. InBrazil, some criteria were established throughout history to create parameters for the way justice treat the matter. These parameters are: justice believes in people; justice treats human beingsas equals; justice treats people according to their needs and capabilities or taking into consideration both as each other.
There are many deep causes of social injustice. The culture inBrazil has assimilated and accepted to live with some kind of violence. During the time of the colonization, Brazilian people got used to the slavery. It was common to have slaves workingfor no houses and fields. Believing it was possible to adjust libertarian and social democracy thinking in a social structure extremely unfair, we accepted for centuries privileges for fewpeople while taking away the rights of others. Nowadays, there are several social researches confirming that social injustice reaches certain social groups such as: women receive lower wagesthan men, black people and young people who have low education or people who are unemployed.
In Brazil, poor income distribution is one of the crucial factors for the existence of socialinjustice. Most of the wealth is in the hands of only a few people, families or businesses. The other part of the population has no access to employment, education, health, housing, food,etc. Impunity and politics’ corruption also contribute heavily to the worsening of the condition.
What is certain is that the democratic regime enables the participation, debate andindignation of the population in face of social injustice. The Brazilian society is demanding more and more for efficient and effective political attitudes to combat the social inequality issue.
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