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Vanessa Berenguer University of Madeira

Valter Candelária University of Madeira
over 100 applications available, making this SmartPen a great device to be used in the day-to-day living [2].

In our work, we describe a new writing device created by Livescribe: the Smartpen. This is anintelligent pen that is very much used now, especially in the academic community. It distinguishes itself from the ordinary pens due to its innovative and computational functionalities, because this type of pen allows the user to record his notes, audio files and also gives him moments of leisure with the many different applications. In this work, we also suggest some improvements that we considerimportant, according to our experiments, as well as some different features.

SmartPen, Livescribe, Technology, Infrared, Augmented Reality.

In this paper we talk about an increasingly common writing technology called Smartpen. Being one of the latest and useful gadgets on the market today, this practical tool’s only purpose is to make our life easier. It is small andcompact, it is helpful in more than one way and it can be used by just about anyone. The Livescribe Echo Digital Smartpen is a very ingenious pen that not only can write but records too [6]. This pen not only writes like any other pen but it also hears and keeps the information we know that is important and do not want to forget. Recording is done by simply tapping the record button in thenotebook to start and tapping again to stop. Through the standard cable it is possible to connect the pen to the computer, which passes all the recordings and also turns possible the search to find both verbal and written notes [1]. This useful tool is perfect for anyone who writes and needs to keep track of any type of information. The pen not only has a great looking, ergonomic design, it also has asoft rubber grip to make sure your fingers do not slip. Replaceable ink cartridges are available, a standard 3.5mm earphone jack is a standard feature and we can use either an Echo 3-D headset or our own. There are language applications to help with translations, a dictionary with a thesaurus, to assist with studying and productivity and, of course, games. The music application would be great foranyone who can compose or read music simply by writing in our writing pad. There are

Since people started to use goose feather for writing, then passing through the pen cartridge and reaching the simple ball pen, the way people wrote had passed through a major evolution. It is now possible to have a pen with more features than the simple writing. The company called Livescribe [8], which wasfounded by Jim Marggraff, had developed a tool that can be used by any person. For that, it was based on the model of a normal pen, making then a new redesign and adding some electronic features. By this way, it was created a multifunction writing tool called SmartPen [7]. This innovative pen is considered the most significant evolution that has happened to the regular pen since the advent of thecomputer. It contains a small OLED display which shows the user the information about what had been written and what had been stored or collected from an application. This idea came up when Jim Marggraf was still working at the LeapFrog company and after he had developed the FlyPen, which was technically impressive and with computerized devices. However, this new pen was not commercially attractive,resulting in its failure due to the need of a special paper (Fly Paper) so the pen could read what was being written [8].
Purpose of the invention

The Smartpen is quite useful in several situations, such as saving notes of a certain phone call so the user can hear it later, or even to record some contents discussed during a conference in order to allow withdrawing notes whenever necessary....
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